Education – South Korea

Stella Lee

Agent and representative

  • Stella has a wide knowledge in education and teaching as well as long-term experience in cross-cultural communication in NZ and Asia.
  • She was worked at South Wellington intermediate school as an international students’ coordinator and taught Korean at Euroasia. She enjoyed her role of looking after international students and making sure that they were happy at school.

How Stella can help you

Ask for Stella if you want to know all about what and where to study in New Zealand. She can help you join a language school, or a high school, or a university or institute. She can talk to you about your needs and what you are aiming to do. Perhaps you want to do a degree in NZ, but first of all you better improve your English and then pass the IELTS test. She can help you find the right language school.  Or do you want to send your son or daughter to high school here? Stella can help with that too.

Stella will help you complete your application, and ensure you get off to the right start from the day you apply for your visa, to the day you arrive in New Zealand to be met by someone at the airport.

Email: " rel="noopener noreferrer">stella

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