Education – Chinese

Andy Sun

B.S.B.A & B.CS.

Agent and representative

  • Andy is a native Chinese Mandarin speaker. He has lived in NZ for many years and understands the requirements of New Zealand language schools and IELTS assessment procedures.
  • His aim is to help Chinese speakers enroll in language courses, universities, polytechnics or secondary schools throughout New Zealand.

How Andy can help you

Ask Andy if you want to know about what and where to study in New Zealand. He can help you join a language school and select the right programme for further study at a university, polytechnic or secondary school. You might be ready for a degree, or you might need to study for and pass an English test first, such as IELTS. He will help you learn about the right programmes for you.

Andy will help you complete your application, and ensure you get off to the right start from the day you apply for your visa, to the day you arrive in New Zealand to be met by someone at the airport.

Email: ">Andy

Wechat ID: etcpn1993

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