Khai Picket

Agent and representative

  • Khai is able to help students and parents make good decisions regarding educational opportunities in New Zealand.
  • As a Vietnamese, born and educated in Vietnam, she has considerable knowledge of the Vietnamese educational system.
  • I want the best for people.

How Khai can help you

Ask for Khai if you want to know all about what and where to study in New Zealand. She can help you join a language school, or a high school, or a university or institute. She will discuss your needs with you. You might be ready for a degree, or you might need to study for and pass an English test first, such as IELTS. Khai will help you learn about the right programmes for you.

Khai moved to New Zealand many years ago. She and her Kiwi husband ran a very successful computer business for over 20 years. Khai has worked for a number of years as an educational consultant in New Zealand.

To contact Khai (immigration advisor), email: ">Khai


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